• Together we can improve our Europe!
• We can continue changing our common Europe together!
Castel Ritaldy (ITALY)
• No Europe, no party!
• Less Racism, more Europe.
• United for peace in Europe.
Spoleto (ITALY)
• Europa: uno scrigno d’arte e di storia! Europe: a jewelcase of art and History!
• Europe is culture, care, innovation, aperture, new ideas, opinions, integrity, hospitality, integration, union, responsibility, tolerance, dynamism.


• Countries as branches of a same tree.
• A common ideal for different countries.
• More exchanges for more understanding.
• Europe, a place where World War lll will not start. (Ijaz)
• United in diversity. (Laura)
• Europe – A better tomorrow. (Joey)
• Europe will be richer and crisis will finish because the young people will have more jobs. (Sandra)
• If all the European citizens are connected, we can improve the future of Europe. Connected we can. (Abraham)
• Europe of the future will have more technology, less work, more wars, more poverty, more pollution, and more heat will raise the sea level… (Marta)


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