Our Comenius Programme



Destination country (for mobilities only)


Partners involved


Make a map of our partnership: schools, pupils’age, city, flag.

September 2013

All partners


Setting up the website/blog. Maintenance and improvement will continue throughout the Project.

Fine tuning of the project plan will take place.

September 2013



The pupils introduce themselves, describe their routine, their hobbies, their family life. They may prepare a questionnaire or just send their information to the other schools and wait for more questions.

September 2013

All partners


Setting up a logo competition in each school and voting for the best one in each school.

October 2013

All partners


Organizing the vote and choosing the logo of the project among the winning logos. Coordination by  Polish school.

November 2013

All partners


Explore the origin of the word piazza in each language? The results will be recorded on our workspace. Coordination by Italian school

September-November 2013

All partners


First meeting in Poland or Czech republic. Each school will bring its winning logo. Organization of the vote. agreeing on planning and deadlines for all activities planned during the first school year. Agreeing on the distribution of tasks. Evaluation of the first activities: pupils introducing themselves, the use of our shared workspace, its organization to make it simple and clear.


November 2013

All partners


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